Lincoln James a Blessing!

"My Grandson"God must have favored me for some reason. Through zero effort of my own and for reasons I do not fully understand, I am so so so blessed. I have been loved by a wonderful woman for over 31 years. God gave me two daughters who have the courage, strength, and knowledge among many other adjectives in order to mold me to the man I am today. I pray to the Lord and thank him for sending two incredible men (Shane and Jesse) into my daughters lives, two men I am proud to call sons. Then on October 5th 2011 he chose to bless me with a grandson, Lincoln James Peltier. I feel as though if at this very moment that God chooses to never bless me again for the rest of my days on earth, I have been given way more than I could ever deserve.   As lucky and blessed as we all feel for having Lincoln come into our lives, Lincoln is equally blessed to have Shane and Haley as parents.  They will teach him all the good things in life, but more importantly he will know love.


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