My Promise to You

Dear Lincoln,

Your Nana cried openly when she heard the news that you were coming into our lives, and I choked back tears. You are such an incredible blessing to us. Though you had not even entered this world, we already loved you so much.

Little man, I want to be the best granddad possible, but I know I will make some mistakes. But please hear some commitments I am making to you and God as your life unfolds.

I promise to pray for you. I will pray for your health. I will pray for clear direction from God for you. I will even begin praying for the right wife for you, even though that’s years down the road. Above all, I will pray for your happiness.

I commit to being supportive of your parents in all they do to raise you. You have been given an incredible mom and dad. They love you so much. I want to be the type of granddad that always supports your parents. I want to heed to their desires for your life and follow them accordingly.

I promise to always be there for you. When you get old enough to use the phone, your calls will be a priority. Nothing will be more important than talking to you. I want to be with you as much as we can be together. The years pass by rapidly, and I want to spend as much time as possible with you. I already have dreams of taking you fishing, to football games, baseball games, or wherever you would like to go. I just want to be with you.

I plan to be your biggest fan. Of course, I don’t know what paths you will pursue, but I will be there to encourage you, to cheer you on, to remind you that you can do anything in God’s strength. It will be so exciting to see how God will direct you and how He will use you.

You see, I know God has great plans for your life. I can’t even imagine the ways that He will use you. It will be a pure joy to watch His plan unfold in your life.

Little man, before I ever married your grandmother, I had dreams of having children. I prayed that God would give me the opportunity to mold the lives of those He entrusted to me. God answered my prayers beyond measure. Your Aunt Carlee, and your mom are two of the greatest joys of my life.

But, as my own two daughters grew, I began to dream and pray about the joy of having grandchildren. You are the first grandchild. You are the first answer to those prayers. You are the next generation of blessing to me.

I love you so very much, little man. You may not fully know the breadth and depth of my love until you have your own children and grandchildren. But please know that I love you.

My own mom died before your father and mother married. Your mom was named after her. Every time your mom experiences a significant milestone in her life, I feel a lump in my throat because she didn’t have her grandma to be there for it. God willing, I will be there for you. God willing, we will have many great years together.

But I realize that this life is brief. I will be gone for most of your years. I pray that I will leave to you a legacy of love, a legacy of joy, and a legacy that demonstrated a heart committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, and only then, can I say that my years with you were not lived in vain.

I love you, my grandson. I love you so very much.




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