Reflecting on a Sunday Morning

Dear Lincoln,

It’s Sunday morning and as always I’m in that reflective mood.  Today I’m thinking about your Great Grandpa Buck.  Great Grandpa Buck is Nana’s dad, my father in-law, and best friend.  I thought today would be a good day to share with you something I wrote about him back in 2008.  That year I wrote a book titled Lake Effect for the family for Christmas.  As you grow up you will learn the impact Great Grandpa Buck had on my life.

The following was the dedication I wrote for the book.

Dad you are the main element of how I have become me. I think things through, long and hard, before I make a decision. Once the decision is made, I stick by it and make the best of the situation.  Because of you, I know the value of a dollar and how hard it is to earn it.  You love unconditionally.  I’ve messed up my life so many times and you were always there to love me anyway.

You are always there with advice when I need it.  And, you always know when to back off. You will drop everything to come and help me or rescue me out of a situation.  Whether it be car trouble or the police calling (of course the police thing has never happened-but I’m sure you would still be there).  At times, you made me take a hard look at myself which sometime hurt, but as I have grown up, I realize it was for my own good and I respect you for that.  

You are generous beyond what most people would consider generous.  You will give your last $20 if someone needed it.  Even though your very manly, you have not been afraid to show your emotions.  I’ve seen you laugh and I’ve seen you cry.  Your tears shot through me like an arrow and I realized how much you loved your family and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to them. You encourage me to the point that it makes my heart smile. When I’m hungry you will feed me, when I’m crying you will listen to me through my tears, when I screw up you don’t say I told you so.  Your always ready with a ear to bend.  

You have worked to give your family a good life, and you have never really wanted for anything.  You never complained.  You put everyone else first, yet you know how and when to say NO. Okay, I’m still trying to learn to do that with my girls, so it’s a virtue of yours I am nowhere near a master of.  My complete love and loyalty toward my family was learned from the lessons you taught. Because of the husband and father you are and have always been-I knew exactly what kind of man to be: honest, loyal, gentle, carrying and with a slightly odd sense of humor.  You are quite the role model. Notice how my marriage to your beautiful daughter is still strong and romantic after over 28 years?

What I’m trying to say dad-without you……… there would have never been a me.


As always, I love you Lincoln, Puppa.



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