This is what happened today

This is what happened today…had breakfast with a squirrel, was really a very nice time although he didn’t talk much. I think he enjoyed the cashews much more than the peanuts and who could blame him. After breakfast I read my book a bit, A Pirate Looks At Fifty by Jimmy Buffet, its coming along quite nicely. Walked a few blocks to the library where I watched a movie; Life as a House, (I recommend it) on my Ipad and waited for the skies to clear up. On the walk back from the bookatorium I witnessed a bird taking a bath in a mud puddle behind the flower shop so I stopped and watched for a few minutes, this is the sort of thing we miss by driving everywhere in our mechanical cages. I guess the bird was a bit shy because after seeing me it flew away, or maybe it was just clean enough. Later I walked to the local coffeehouse and had a decaf house blend coffee and people watched for a while…I like people, they are so funny, I like kids the best though…I want to be one when I grow up.  Went out to eat with Shane, Haley, Carol (Nana) and Lincoln to Famous Dave’s for some BBQ.  This was really one of the best days I have had in recent memory. I think the key was just to take it as it comes and always be mindful to experience every moment for what it is. Reminds me of the quote “may you live every day of your life”

Man I rambled on there, I really need to start a journal.


Lincoln loves wearing his shades!


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