Errands and a Nap


Dear Lincoln,

Today has been a good day. Your momma had to work and Nana is up north taking care of great grandma Boo so I got to spend the day with you. Once your momma took off for work I got you and myself ready to go out to do some shopping and run some errands.

We started by taking out the trash, which turned out to be much more than I thought it was gonna be. (Note to self, take out trash more often). Your momma and I switched cars because your car seat was in her car, and she was on empty. After a trip to the gas station we were on our way. First stop, Verizon for a new case for my iPhone. Then off to Bed Bath and Beyond in search of a wall mounted mail sorter. No luck. Next stop, Kroger for groceries. While we shopped you snacked and chatted up a storm. Talk about a flirt, every pretty girl that walked by you smiled and giggled, tilted your head and looked at them with that look you have that gets the girls to notice you. Player.

Once we headed for home I could tell that you were getting tired. It wasn’t long and you were out. Unfortunately we were home soon and I had to wake you. I got the groceries put away and while we watched the last 7 minutes of the Lions game we had lunch. (The Lions scored the winning points with 10 seconds left. GO LIONS!!) We played a little and then it was time for a nap.

As always I took my iPhone in the bedroom and played Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic”. You love that song. Anytime its playing you quiet right down and intently listen to it. You seem to find it very calming and soon you drift off to sleep. Just as I went to lay you down your momma called and woke you up. So we started again. I was sleepy too so I decided to sit in the rocker with you and rock you a little before putting you in your crib. You laid on my chest, your little hands on both more shoulders and you nestled your head into my neck. I could feel every breathe you took, every once in awhile you would whisper some little sound as you drifted off. I treasure moments like this, it reminds me of when you momma and Aunt Carlee would fall asleep in my arms as I rocked them. I’m reminded how blessed I am. I could feel myself starting to drift off so I laid you down in your crib, two muffled cries from you and you were out like a light and I quietly step out of the room.

It won’t be long and I’ll get you up, don’t want to throw your bedtime off. Until then I’m doing some writing and playing with photos on the computer. We are still juggling things and I don’t get to write to you as much as I would like to. Nana will still be up north for a few days while great grandma Boo starts chemo. Hopefully she is strong enough to go through the treatments. The doctors give her anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on how the treatments go. Tests this past week showed that the cancer has spread and she is in the advance stages of her cancer. But we still have hope, great grandma Boo is a fighter, and with family all around her supporting and loving her, no one is giving up.

I should probably bring this to a close and get you up for dinner and a bath before momma gets home. And of course some playtime with Puppa. I’ll keep writing when I can, just know that although the letters frequency have become farther apart, you and I have spent so much time together. I will always be there for you, whatever you may need I will provide. Spending time with you is something I never pass up.

I love you little man, Puppa



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