New Years Eve in the ER

Dear Lincoln,

Now that inventory time is over at the store, (just ended yesterday) I thought I would catch up on some letters and photos to you.

On New Years Eve Nana went up north to spend sometime with Great Grandma Boo and her sisters and your Daddy went up to visit his mom and dad, so it was just you, your momma and I for New Years Eve.  You hadn’t been feeling well and the flu was going around and it really took a hit on you and we ended up in the emergency room.  What a way to spend New Years.  On top of the flu, you had an ear infection, poor little man.  The doctor ran some tests, got you some medicine and we were home shortly before midnight.

The flu decided that it liked hanging around and as you where getting better it hit your momma, then Nana and then me.  We like to share in this family, but some things just doesn’t need to be shared.  Next time I’ll pass.

Gotta run little man, you, momma and I are heading out for a lunch date.  I’ll write more later ok?

I love you Lincoln, Puppa


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