Happy 2nd B-Day!

Lincoln James 2nd B-day 3
Dear Lincoln my little man,

I know, I know, it’s been 2 months since I last wrote to you on this blog. But you will find that doesn’t mean I haven’t wrote to you at all. As I have told you before, I have several notebooks that I write in all the time. I just haven’t gotten on the computer that much.

Life with you is much more than an adventure, it’s awesome! It’s also a learning experience. Everyday I learn more about myself and the way I look at life. At 2 years old you show more love, compassion, and joy than most adults. I have watched you put a smile on peoples faces that appear to have lost that simple joy of feeling happy.

For your 2nd birthday your momma thought it would be great to spend the day at Spicers Orchard, and boy was she right. You had a blast picking apples, pumpkin hunting, playing with other kids, and lets not forget the cider and pumpkin doughnuts.

Someday when you read these letters I can only hope and pray that you know how deeply you are loved little man.

From here to the moon I love you, Puppa

Lincoln James 2nd B-day
Lincoln James 2nd B-day 2

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Looking Back at The 4th of July


Dear Lincoln,

I told you I would catch up on some writing today and I just had to share some photo’s from the 4th of July parade.We had a great time.  It was just you, me and Nana because momma had to work.  We had a blast little man!  The highlight was when the horses came by.  You got so excited and wanted to pet one of them in the worst way.  One rider noticed you in all of your excitement and pulled out of formation and came over to let you pet his horse.  It made your day.  This is just another example that there are good people out there that are willing to go out of there way to brighten someones day.

I love you little man, Puppa.
4th of july parade

Adventure or Mission? Maybe Both!

IMG_2235Dear Lincoln,

I have the next 4 days off of work, a little mini vacation now that the busy holiday season and inventory is over, and its just you and me little buddy.  Well at least during the day.  Nana went up north to visit Great Grandma Boo and your momma has to work the next 9 days from 9:30 to 6 every day.  So it’s Lincoln and Puppa time.

We played a bit  a whole lot this morning, I made an awesome breakfast for you as usual, (at least you think so) played some more and then you were happy just watching Cars 2 while I cleaned up the kitchen and washed up the dishes.  It was while I was washing dishes that you decided to take me on a little adventure…wait, an adventure or did you give me a mission?

You came over to the gate into the kitchen, the gate that keeps you out of the cats dishes, the cupboards, the refrigerator and everything else you try to get into (your not that bad really).  IMG_2223You started talking to me and then you got quiet and then a strange look graced your face, that face, that look that says I’m pooping look away.  Now this was great news because momma says you haven’t pooped in 2-3 days.  Little dude you love bananas and cheese way to much.  You also love, love prunes.  Guess what?  The prunes kicked in and every time I thought you were done, you started bearing down again.  You finally finished and immediately let me know that the diaper had to come off NOW!

We went into your room to change you and lets just say I had to lay a towel down underneath you and after one whole box of baby wipes, the burning sensation in my eyes, the cats running for cover, holding my breath for what I think could be a new world record, (we might have to burn your footy pajamas), and wondering how a full grown black bear pooped in your diaper the mission (or adventure depending on how you look at it) was over and you were once again the sweet little boy I know and love.

I still wonder how 5 lbs of poop could come from such a little behind.

Your momma is so happy you finally pooped.  I really think she is more happy that it happened to me and not her, gotta love her.

It’s nap time little buddy, you look so tired.  I’ll put on some tunes, maybe Van Morrison, you really like him, and we will rock a little and when you wake up, let’s do it all over again.  Except the poop thing, you can wait for momma right?



I love you little man, all the way to the moon and back, Puppa


Jump Back! To Thanksgiving That Is.

Dear Lincoln,

Just came across these photos on my phone and realized I hadn’t shared them with you.  I took these as we were shopping just days before Thanksgiving at GFS and Costco Park.  It’s actually Costco but we call it Costco Park because we always go on Sunday and try all the samples as we shop and then end the trip with sundaes under one of the umbrella covered picnic tables.  So without further delay…..

I love you little man, Puppa

New Years Eve in the ER

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Dear Lincoln, Now that inventory time is over at the store, (just ended yesterday) I thought I would catch up on some letters and photos to you. On New Years Eve Nana went up north to spend sometime with Great Grandma Boo and her sisters and your Daddy went up to visit his mom and […]

The Bookstore Adventure

Dear Lincoln,

The weather was not in our favor today.  It is in the upper 40’s, rainy and windy so fall photos and eating outside at the Ann Arbor Brewing Company did not work out for us, but the bookstore was a blast.  You become the most talkative little man when you get in the bookstore.  So much to explore!  You dug right into exploring every little book you could get your hands on, you were like a little ‘Indiana Jones Bookworm’.

I may not have gotten any fall portraits outside, but these photos from your bookstore adventure more than make up for it.

Love you Lincoln, Puppa