Happy 2nd B-Day!

Lincoln James 2nd B-day 3
Dear Lincoln my little man,

I know, I know, it’s been 2 months since I last wrote to you on this blog. But you will find that doesn’t mean I haven’t wrote to you at all. As I have told you before, I have several notebooks that I write in all the time. I just haven’t gotten on the computer that much.

Life with you is much more than an adventure, it’s awesome! It’s also a learning experience. Everyday I learn more about myself and the way I look at life. At 2 years old you show more love, compassion, and joy than most adults. I have watched you put a smile on peoples faces that appear to have lost that simple joy of feeling happy.

For your 2nd birthday your momma thought it would be great to spend the day at Spicers Orchard, and boy was she right. You had a blast picking apples, pumpkin hunting, playing with other kids, and lets not forget the cider and pumpkin doughnuts.

Someday when you read these letters I can only hope and pray that you know how deeply you are loved little man.

From here to the moon I love you, Puppa

Lincoln James 2nd B-day
Lincoln James 2nd B-day 2

Lincoln James 2nd B-day 4
Lincoln James 2nd B-day 5

Lincoln James 2nd B-day 6


“It’s Party Time” #1 Second to None!

Dear Lincoln,

I know your first birthday party was on the 7th of October, and I’ve been a little slow at getting photos posted, but here they are.  I got up this morning, poured a cup of coffee and headed for the computer so that I could get these done for you and for your momma.  The light rain hitting the window next to my creative area mixed with a little music was just the thing to get my day going.  There’s nothing I like better than writing to you and editing photo’s.  I have to say the day has started pretty well.

Later on today your momma, you and I will be heading out to Barnes & Nobles ( a place you thoroughly enjoy), some lunch at Ann Arbor Brewing Company and then some fall portraits.  So without further ado here are some of the photos from your ‘Moustache Bash’

Your momma had this ‘Smash Cake’ especially made for you. You loved smashing it, but hardly ate any of it.

Lincoln and Aunt Lori, Uncle Duke, Daddy and Lincoln, and Uncle Duke and Lincoln

Everyone donned staches for your ‘Moustache Bash’ themed party

It’s gift time!! You loved that hat!

Without a doubt your favorite gift was this corn popper from Aunt Lori, Uncle Tony, Cole and Kasie.

As always my little man Lincoln, Puppa loves you.

The Moustache Project 2012

Dear Lincoln,

Your Moustache Bash Birthday party was a blast!  I’ll post photos soon of it but until then here are just some of the photos I did for your party.

Love you little man, Puppa


The Moustache Bash

Dear Lincoln,

Your momma is busy these days planning your first birthday party.  Since you’ve always been referred to as “The Little Man”, the theme of the party is “Moustache”.  Should be a great time and so many things are planned.  I’ve been given the task of coming up with pictures of you with a moustache  to decorate the house with.  I have to admit that I have had a riot doing these.  Here’s a sampling in collage form.

Love you little man, Puppa