Are There Dogs in Heaven?

Lincoln you will love this story! Thanks Coach for sharing.

Good Time Stories

A friend of mine recently had to put her beloved pet dog down. She had had it for many years. It had become very sick and the day came that she and her husband knew that it was time for the dog to be put to sleep.

Many people around the world draw very close and attached to their pets. Their pet becomes “one of the family”, so when it’s time for the animal to pass on, it can be a very emotional, gut wrenching time in their life.

The following story was sent to me from my friend who experienced these feelings recently when they had to say good-bye to their little buddy. They used this story to comfort themselves during this rough time.

Are there dogs or any other kinds of pets in Heaven? I don’t know…there probably will be. It is my hope that this little story…

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A Cold Can of Soup

Lincoln, I hope you learn a valuable lesson from this great story from Coach.

Good Time Stories

It is so nice to be back from vacation. It was such a relaxing and soothing time to be with my family and friends. It reminded me of a story that I once read on “Let Us” of another person that was on their vacation and learned an incredible life lesson from a total stranger. This story should make us think how important it is to help and encourage other people who might be less fortunate than us when we have the opportunity to do so.


A Cold Can of Soup

“Do you mind..?”

An elderly fellow silently appeared next to me. I noticed the odor, the soiled clothes he wore, and to be completely honest, I wondered how I could possibly explain not being able to spare any of my dwindling vacation funds. He nodded towards the empty space on my bench and from his hesitant manner…

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