I am A Child Of The One True King



Adventure or Mission? Maybe Both!

IMG_2235Dear Lincoln,

I have the next 4 days off of work, a little mini vacation now that the busy holiday season and inventory is over, and its just you and me little buddy.  Well at least during the day.  Nana went up north to visit Great Grandma Boo and your momma has to work the next 9 days from 9:30 to 6 every day.  So it’s Lincoln and Puppa time.

We played a bit  a whole lot this morning, I made an awesome breakfast for you as usual, (at least you think so) played some more and then you were happy just watching Cars 2 while I cleaned up the kitchen and washed up the dishes.  It was while I was washing dishes that you decided to take me on a little adventure…wait, an adventure or did you give me a mission?

You came over to the gate into the kitchen, the gate that keeps you out of the cats dishes, the cupboards, the refrigerator and everything else you try to get into (your not that bad really).  IMG_2223You started talking to me and then you got quiet and then a strange look graced your face, that face, that look that says I’m pooping look away.  Now this was great news because momma says you haven’t pooped in 2-3 days.  Little dude you love bananas and cheese way to much.  You also love, love prunes.  Guess what?  The prunes kicked in and every time I thought you were done, you started bearing down again.  You finally finished and immediately let me know that the diaper had to come off NOW!

We went into your room to change you and lets just say I had to lay a towel down underneath you and after one whole box of baby wipes, the burning sensation in my eyes, the cats running for cover, holding my breath for what I think could be a new world record, (we might have to burn your footy pajamas), and wondering how a full grown black bear pooped in your diaper the mission (or adventure depending on how you look at it) was over and you were once again the sweet little boy I know and love.

I still wonder how 5 lbs of poop could come from such a little behind.

Your momma is so happy you finally pooped.  I really think she is more happy that it happened to me and not her, gotta love her.

It’s nap time little buddy, you look so tired.  I’ll put on some tunes, maybe Van Morrison, you really like him, and we will rock a little and when you wake up, let’s do it all over again.  Except the poop thing, you can wait for momma right?



I love you little man, all the way to the moon and back, Puppa


Pure Joy!

Here I come Puppa!

Here I come Puppa!

Dear Lincoln,

The picture may be blurry but I absolutely love it!  We were chasing each other around, hiding behind furniture, yelling, screaming, and laughing like crazy.

I was hiding from you and you found me and started chasing after me and I quickly pointed my iPhone at you and got this shot as I was running away from you.

I can’t tell you how much fun I have with you.

Lincoln, if I had a flower for every time you made me smile and laugh, I’d have a garden to walk in forever.

I love you to the moon and back little man, Puppa

“It’s Party Time” #1 Second to None!

Dear Lincoln,

I know your first birthday party was on the 7th of October, and I’ve been a little slow at getting photos posted, but here they are.  I got up this morning, poured a cup of coffee and headed for the computer so that I could get these done for you and for your momma.  The light rain hitting the window next to my creative area mixed with a little music was just the thing to get my day going.  There’s nothing I like better than writing to you and editing photo’s.  I have to say the day has started pretty well.

Later on today your momma, you and I will be heading out to Barnes & Nobles ( a place you thoroughly enjoy), some lunch at Ann Arbor Brewing Company and then some fall portraits.  So without further ado here are some of the photos from your ‘Moustache Bash’

Your momma had this ‘Smash Cake’ especially made for you. You loved smashing it, but hardly ate any of it.

Lincoln and Aunt Lori, Uncle Duke, Daddy and Lincoln, and Uncle Duke and Lincoln

Everyone donned staches for your ‘Moustache Bash’ themed party

It’s gift time!! You loved that hat!

Without a doubt your favorite gift was this corn popper from Aunt Lori, Uncle Tony, Cole and Kasie.

As always my little man Lincoln, Puppa loves you.

The Moustache Project 2012

Dear Lincoln,

Your Moustache Bash Birthday party was a blast!  I’ll post photos soon of it but until then here are just some of the photos I did for your party.

Love you little man, Puppa