It’s Been Awhile, But Epic Adventures Await!

Dear Lincoln,

Today is June 13th, in fact Friday the 13th and I just realized that I haven’t written to you since January.  JANUARY??  REALLY? That’s inexcusable.  I mean it’s not like I haven’t had time.  There’s plenty of time in a day, between working, the honey-do list from Nana, church, early morning quiet time with the Lord, writing on my other blog, there is still time to write to you.  Oh wait, did I mention that from the time I get up, or get home, you and I are on a non-stop adventure.  As a matter of fact I don’t get time to write for either of my blogs and that’s okay.  My time is better spent following God’s plan and right now that’s spending time with you.

I have and always will, put everything after you.

You want to chase a train, I’m there!


You want to jump off the dock, non-stop for hours, I’m there!


You want to spend the day taking pictures, I’m there!


Help cut up a watermelon and then devour it, OH YEAH I’m there!



Parades and hot dogs, I’m there!

Memorial Day 2k14 (13)

Face painting war, you bet I’m there!

Face Painting

You want to help me with every project Nana gives me, you’re my number 1 helper. (sorry little buddy, there was no blade in that knife)

Puppas Helper 2k14 (7)


You want to go out and pick flowers for momma, I’m right there with ya.



You bring me more joy and happiness than I could ever explain.  I’m sorry I haven’t written more lately, but every moment with you, doing things, being together, enjoying every silly moment, laughing uncontrollably, the epic adventures that only you and I have had, the stories we share, those are the things that I hope I have written on your heart and in your memory.  You and I are doer’s, we show fear no mercy.  One day stories will be told of our exploits and little children will gather in awe.

Lincoln Train

I love you little man, much more than I can express, just know that you bring me so much joy,  Puppa


Adventure or Mission? Maybe Both!

IMG_2235Dear Lincoln,

I have the next 4 days off of work, a little mini vacation now that the busy holiday season and inventory is over, and its just you and me little buddy.  Well at least during the day.  Nana went up north to visit Great Grandma Boo and your momma has to work the next 9 days from 9:30 to 6 every day.  So it’s Lincoln and Puppa time.

We played a bit  a whole lot this morning, I made an awesome breakfast for you as usual, (at least you think so) played some more and then you were happy just watching Cars 2 while I cleaned up the kitchen and washed up the dishes.  It was while I was washing dishes that you decided to take me on a little adventure…wait, an adventure or did you give me a mission?

You came over to the gate into the kitchen, the gate that keeps you out of the cats dishes, the cupboards, the refrigerator and everything else you try to get into (your not that bad really).  IMG_2223You started talking to me and then you got quiet and then a strange look graced your face, that face, that look that says I’m pooping look away.  Now this was great news because momma says you haven’t pooped in 2-3 days.  Little dude you love bananas and cheese way to much.  You also love, love prunes.  Guess what?  The prunes kicked in and every time I thought you were done, you started bearing down again.  You finally finished and immediately let me know that the diaper had to come off NOW!

We went into your room to change you and lets just say I had to lay a towel down underneath you and after one whole box of baby wipes, the burning sensation in my eyes, the cats running for cover, holding my breath for what I think could be a new world record, (we might have to burn your footy pajamas), and wondering how a full grown black bear pooped in your diaper the mission (or adventure depending on how you look at it) was over and you were once again the sweet little boy I know and love.

I still wonder how 5 lbs of poop could come from such a little behind.

Your momma is so happy you finally pooped.  I really think she is more happy that it happened to me and not her, gotta love her.

It’s nap time little buddy, you look so tired.  I’ll put on some tunes, maybe Van Morrison, you really like him, and we will rock a little and when you wake up, let’s do it all over again.  Except the poop thing, you can wait for momma right?



I love you little man, all the way to the moon and back, Puppa


Called Home to Heaven

Dear Lincoln,
Your momma recently reminded me that it’s been a while since I have written to you and that it was time that I get back to it.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write, I’ve jotted down stuff in one of my many notebooks, I just haven’t been on the computer very much in the last few months.  As I explained to you before sometimes life gets hectic and you have to stop and re-examine your priorities in life.

At the beginning of May your Nana’s daddy, Great Grandpa Buck’s health started to decline.  Throughout the past few years he has endured more than one heart surgery, bone spur surgery on his spine, and most recently a battle with cancer.  So priorities change, it was more important to me, us, to spend as much time possible with great grandpa Buck than be on a computer.  We traveled up north to visit every chance we got, your Nana sometimes spent long periods of time at great grandpa’s to take care of him, she loves her daddy so much and she wanted to be there for him just like he has been there for her.

It still amazes us that as weak as he became, it didn’t stop him from playing with you.  You both made each other laugh and smile.  I want you to know how much he loved you.  He took great pride in knowing that you were his great grandson and that you were being raised by an amazing momma.  A lot of who your momma is comes directly from the time she spent with great grandpa.  He had a big influence on her life.

Every time great grandpa had to go to the hospital, you were there to visit.  Something he treasured very much.  When great grandpa returned home the decision was made that it was time for him to have Hospice care, not an easy decision to make.   Let me explain what Hospice care is all about.  Hospice is a philosophy of care. The hospice philosophy or viewpoint accepts death as the final stage of life. The goal of hospice is to help patients live their last days as alert and pain-free as possible. Hospice nurses try to manage symptoms so that a person’s last days may be spent with dignity and quality, surrounded by their loved ones. They treat the person rather than the disease; they focus on quality rather than length of life. Hospice care is family-centered — it includes the patient and the family in making decisions.  Great grandpa’s nurse Carrie was nothing short of incredible, to your great grandpa and the entire family she was simple a blessing from God.

We were warned that as great grandpa’s time of passing drew close he may experience a great day or two and that we should not take that as a sign of him getting better, but rather that his time with us was close to ending.  Those 2 days came on June 16th and 17th of 2012.  You, Nana, and your momma went to visit great grandpa Buck that weekend and it was a great time for all of you.  Great grandpa had been using a wheelchair for awhile, but on this weekend he slipped out of the wheelchair and got on the floor and played with you.  You so enjoyed playing with him your momma told me, and so did he.  We went back and visited the next weekend, the 23rd and 24th, and although he played with you in the kitchen, him in his wheelchair and you sitting on the little kitchen table, we could tell that he was struggling and we had to accept the fact that the end was nearing though no one wanted to say it.

Three days later at 2:30am of Wednesday June 27th, your Aunt Kathy called Nana and said that great grandpa was being taken to the hospital and we needed to come now.  Your Nana and I told your momma that we were heading up north and that we would call as soon as we knew something.  The drive is usually 2 1/2 hours but I needed to get your Nana there as quick as possible to be with her daddy so that she could say her goodbye.  I don’t approve of speeding, you should never do this, remember that, but this time I broke my rule.  It wasn’t long after we got to the hospital that great grandpa slipped into a coma.  That afternoon you and your momma arrived and you were able to come into the room.  I want you to know that he was not in pain, the staff did everything possible to make sure that he was comfortable.

The next day was June 28th, Nana and my 32nd wedding anniversary.  At noon while the rest of the family was down the hall, your Nana and one of the hospice nurse’s washed great grandpa up and freshened up his bed.  As they finished, with Nana at his side your great grandpa passed away.  We entered the room just after he had passed and only minutes later you and your momma walked in.  While everyone was crying and saying goodbye to great grandpa, when your momma came to the bedside with you, you looked down at great grandpa, smiled, and reached out to go to him.  In your own way you said goodbye to great grandpa.  For the next few days with family all around we celebrated great grandpa’s life.  We cried, we laughed, we told stories, we even sang.  Although we lost someone we dearly loved, it’s important that we rejoice in the time we had together.

Over the next month we were busy helping great grandma Boo get things in order and odd jobs around her house.  Then on August 7th I got a call from my dad, great grandpa Jim, letting me know that great great grandma Laurel had passed away, she was 105.  You, your momma and I had just been up north to visit just a few days earlier and her passing was unexpected.

So as I stated at the beginning of this letter, life has been a little hectic and I promise I will write more.  I hope as you grow you will learn that the time you spend with the ones you love far out weigh anything else you will do.  And that is why I have stayed away from the computer, I have been spending time with you.  You will always have my undivided attention and love.

We did receive some exciting news in the midst of all this, you have a new cousin on the way, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Carlee are expecting their first baby next March 1, 2013.  We found out on June 30th and if it’s a boy they already have a name picked out, Oscar James Pierce, named after great grandpa Buck.

I know I went on a little long this time so I’ll draw this one to a close with one request.  Although your new cousin will be living in Georgia and you in Michigan, stay close.  Family is very important and as close as your Aunt Carlee and your momma are I can foresee you and your cousin having a lot of great adventures together.

As always little man, I love you so much, Puppa

Blessings are not always packaged the way we expect

Dear Lincoln,

Today is Sunday, and on Sunday’s more than any other day I find the early morning the perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee and reflect.  Puppa’s Life Lesson today is that blessings in our life are not always packaged the way we expect.  God is always around us in the little and simple things that we take for granted …all we have to do is open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.  I love you Lincoln, Puppa.

Sometimes life gets hectic…

Dear Lincoln,

Sometimes life gets hectic and it seems that time gets away from you and before you know it your wondering where the days went to.  You start beating yourself up because there was so many things you wanted to do, meant to do, promised you would do.  I meant for this blog to be a place to let you know how much you mean to me, how you have a blessed my life in so many ways.  I want to record our times together, share some advice, and let you know how much I love you in the event that I’m not here to watch you grow up into the incredible man I know you will be, (you have amazing parents).  I was going to post everyday, every week, etc.. but life got hectic through the holidays and  I let the posts slide to the wayside.  But what I didn’t let get in the way was spending time with you.  You have and always will be, my number one priority.  Every moment I can spend with you I do, and will continue to do.  So with that said I promise to do more posting, and I will do some past postings also to bring us up to date.  Yes, life gets hectic sometimes, but Puppa’s life lesson #1 is, never let anything get in the way of family.  Family brings so much joy into your life, keeps you grounded, picks you up when your down, laughs with you, cries with you, family is God’s reminder that you are blessed with people that love you for who you are, no matter what.  You Lincoln are my blessing!